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Arcadia Park Designs

...timeless artistry

When it is hot, make a cool space….   an elegant pillow might help. Our Cotton pillows are backed with beautiful European linen and all of our silk faced pillows are backed with sensuous Dupioni Silks.  Our process is a little bit different than the norm.  Each piece is carefully and deliberately designed and printed in our studio in Vermont.  Even the sewing is accomplished here in our studio.  It takes a little longer to create a completely handmade artist designed and created pillow. We think it is worth it…

The creative spirit  behind Arcadia Park Designs is artist Katherine Henry. Her photography and sculptural works are in collections throughout the US and in Europe. Raised in a family of artists, her career has spanned the gamut of creative endeavors; consultant, gallerist, studio and creative director, arts administrator and educator.  While still pursuing fine art photography she has turned her eye toward an early and ongoing interest in textile design and home decor and created a timeless line of inspired fine art, luxurious designer pillows using imagery based on her photographs, paintings and drawings.

Our trademark tag location?  Inside the pillow zipper.  The statement is the pillow, not the label…

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