The Fresco Collection

The Fresco Collection;

The Anastasia Pillows are all based on a series of photographs taken in Verona, Italy at the Sant’Anastasia Chiesa.  Started in 1291 and completed in 1400, the Sant’Anastasia Chiesa in the oldest part of Verona is a Gothic masterpiece filled with history and glorious art.  The soaring vaulted ceiling is decorated with garlands of frescoed florals and greenery that draw the eye and lift the spirit.

Fresco I is also based on an image taken while wandering the ancient streets of Verona.  Spotted high on the wall of a shadowed portico in swirls of decorative abundance, the image invokes the grace of a bygone era.

The images of these frescoes, taken by artist Katherine Henry are the starting point for this collection that is intended to grace a bed, chaise or sofa.  They are both elegant and whimsical, traditional and yet fit perfectly and add a note of curvilinear interest in the clean crisp Belgian and Scandinavian decor that is appearing in distinctive homes across the world.
The silks of the Anastasia group of pillows range from the crisp blue of a summer sky to the golden warmth of an Italian autumn sunset. This pillow is always backed in a coordinating dupioni silk.  In the Spring of 2017 the Fresco pillow has been revised and reintroduced in silk, colors include Summer Blue and Willow.

Based on photographs taken by the artist/designer, the pillows in this collection reflect the grace and artistry that can only be seen when one looks up from the distractions in front of us!


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