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The Acanthus Collection

The Acanthus Collection draws it’s imagery from stone carvings gracing architecture throughout Europe. What is it about this graceful leafy plant that has drawn, artist, designer and artisan throughout the history of western culture?

” Pliny says that it is wonderfully well suited for a border plant and an ornament of our lawns. Chasers and carvers among the ancients, whose taste is very remarkable, decorated furniture, vases and the most valuable dresses, with the designs suggested by the foliage of the Acanthus.  The poet Virgil speaks of the robe of the fair but frail Helen as being bordered with a garland of Acanthus wrought in relief; and when he wishes to praise works of art of much value, it is the Acanthus with which they are decorated… This elegant model for the artist has become the emblem for the Arts.”                          

 The Language of Flowers, Robert Tyas, 1869



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