The Collections

The images created by artist Katherine Henry are the starting point for these collections, intended to grace a bed, chaise or sofa. The textile designs are both elegant and whimsical, traditional and yet perfectly add a note of curvilinear interest in contemporary settings. There is no one decor style that defines the setting for our work, we believe in timeless artistry.




Our full 2017 line of designer, fine art, luxury pillows is comprised of foundation collections and Studio Musings. The foundation collections are designed to interact with one another, creating visual texture when mingling pattern and color. The patterns will remain in the collection over several years with new colors showing up season to season. Of course, new patterns will emerge from the studio, joining existing collections and offering new directions as well.

Our pillows, printed on charmeuse or dupioni silk, receive a chinese dupioni silk back in a color that either matches or complements one of the primary colors of the front imagery. These silks are the finest of their kind that we have found, with remarkably consistent quality and rich colors. Slubs found in the material are a natural part of this kind of fabric and we chose dupioni silk to add that texture to our pieces.


All text and images Copyright 2005-2017 Katherine Henry, All Rights Reserved. Images on pillows copyright 2005-2017 Katherine Henry, All Rights Reserved. Video & Images copyright 2018, Katherine Henry.